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For those of you who used to come to Goodslice before we closed for a while - you'll notice a few changes now we're back. These changes had to happen in order for our business to re-open, AND for it to continue through these uncertain times we find ourselves in now. We hope you love the 'new & improved' Goodslice as much as we do, and we can't wait to welcome you back to our quirky little spot for some authentic Naples pizza and good times! 

As many of you may know that Goodslice started out as a food truck!! And a couple of years ago we bagged a spot along Aerodrome Rd to operate out of a few evenings a week, and things were pretty laid-back with BYO and a ‘make-yourself-at-home’ kinda vibe. 

Things went from strength to strength, and we got to the point where the truck (amongst other things) just didn’t cut it anymore. We needed to do something! We needed to change things in order to carry on. If Goodslice was gonna make it, we had to look at it as a business not just slinging great pizzas. And that was ultimately why we closed a while back, because timing just wasn’t on our side to put everything into it at that point in time.

In the current climate, for any business to survive - especially in hospitality - the business model has to be razor sharp. Sadly we’ve seen a lot of our fellow Sunny Coast restaurants struggle lately, and some have had to close the doors permanently. These are tough times for the industry, and we won’t lie that we’re a little concerned about reopening right now ourselves.

But…..we can only hope that all our amazing customers - who have shown us unwavering support over the past few months - come back and help us continue this journey. 

HOWEVER…To all those people, we have to let you know that Goodslice WILL be a little different! Unfortunately BYO had to go, but in its place we have some perfectly-selected beers (including some locally brewed beauties), plus some great wines and cocktails for you all to enjoy. You will also notice that our menu has changed! But do not fear - all the old favourites are there (just tweaked a little), plus a lot of new ones, some starters, salads, and homemade desserts. 
Another new addition is a face that you’ll see a lot around the place - our new co-owner and chef, Flavio (straight outta Naples himself).

Rest assured Goodslice is still Goodslice, just new and improved. We hope you like it. See you soon.

IMG_20200718_170319 (1).jpg

Our new co-owner and chef! Flavio is a Naples native and probably the best pizzaiolo on the Coast (don't tell Nick). He's an experienced chef and has been slinging pizzas since forever, so we are in good hands. 

You'll see him in the kitchen of our new pizzeria, so make sure you say hi. Or Caio.

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